We like to dance ...

Some of Cadenza’s members have been dancing for many years, others no more than one semester. Here is our basic repertoire, namely the dances which most of us have danced. But we know plenty more, though not all dancers know all dances. Want to get involved?

Looking for a different sort of entertainment?

Looking for a different sort of entertainment during the conference, wedding, event...?
We have danced in castles and in the open air, in wedding tents and museums, parks and meeting facilities. It is not every day that you have the opportunity to see how people danced hundreds years ago.

Examples of places where we have performed previously are: Visby, Lödöse, Malmöhus Castle, Glimmingehus, Kronborg Castle (Denmark), Rosenborg, Svaneholm, Landskrona Citadel, and of course in Lund. We dance mostly dances from 12th to 16th century Europe, though some of them date back all the way to the Viking age - we can customize our programme to suit a specific time period.
Naturally, we perform wearing period costume.

Please contact us well in advance (via our contact page) so that we may spice up your event with a suitable dance performance and dance lesson, if you wish!